AMOSCA is pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with Applied OLAP and will now be able to present their Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System to Essbase users in our community.

“Adding the Applied OLAP products to our stable of value-add companion products for Hyperion EPM will be welcomed by all users of Essbase,” said Matthew Prior, Operations Director at AMOSCA. “The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, along with Applied OLAP’s Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase and Drillbridge, has a proud history of enabling its clients to maximise the productivity, optimise the reliability, and minimise the cost and risk of their Essbase implementations.”

“We are excited to work with AMOSCA to introduce our Dodeca and Drillbridge product lines to a wider audience,” added Tim Tow, President of Applied OLAP. “When we combine our products with a company that has the skills and reach of AMOSCA, I can foresee a large number of companies getting the benefits of our experience in applications tailored to their specific needs”.

For more details visit the AppliedOLAP website and make a note in your diary to join us for one of the upcoming webinars that will showcase Dodeca Essbase reporting tools and their capabilities (more details to follow):

24 May 2017   15h00-16h00  UK                  

21 June 2017  15h00-16h00  UK

AMOSCA and Applied OLAP will be attending Kscope 17 in San Antonio, Texas from 25-29 June 2017.

Applied OLAP will also be attending and sponsoring the Hyperion Focus 17 event in London from 18-19 October 2017.


Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System           

Everyone knows that users love Excel, but corporate IT and Internal Audit also know that unmanaged and uncontrolled spreadsheet use leads to uncertainty and a high incidence of errors.  The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System builds, manages, and controls corporate spreadsheets.  Dodeca builds Excel reports by dynamically combining Excel templates with corporate data sources, including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.  The Excel templates are managed on a central server using a patented process to deliver the most up-to-date version to users every time.  And, Dodeca provides a single, unified user-interface that exposes only the spreadsheet functionality needed by users. Learn More

Maximise Productivity

Dodeca builds spreadsheets using live data from your ERP and EPM systems enabling users to focus on analysing data, not assembling it.

Optimise Reliability

Leverages your knowledge and familiarity of Excel, while providing the control and governance to ensure spreadsheet accuracy and reliability.

Minimise Cost and Risk

With Dodeca, successfully complete Essbase projects on time and on budget, achieve corporate financial goals, and exceed end-user expectations.