Enhanced HFM Reporting and Analysis


The MerlinXL Wizard Suite is an Excel-based interface for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM).
Using the power and flexibility of Excel, the MerlinXL Wizard Suite adds features and functionality, enhancing the reporting and analysis functionality of any Oracle HFM application.

 The MerlinXL Wizard Suite Components:

  • Report Wizard
  • Journal Wizard
  • Intercompany Wizard

Each of the MerlinXL Wizards is designed to enhance HFM reporting and analysis, whilst still maintaining HFM’s core system security and data integrity.

Significant Process and Reporting Improvements

The MerlinXL Wizard Suite significantly enhances the efficiency of building reports and analysing HFM data whilst complementing existing Oracle reporting tools such as SmartView.

With MerlinXL Wizard Suite users can:

  • Predefine standard reports and templates which are made available centrally in a report library
  • Drill down and across all HFM dimensions without any hard-coded formulae
  • Display HFM data, Calculation Status and Process Management levels on the same report
  • Improve the Intercompany matching process
  • Create, amend, review and analyse journals
  • Collect and validate data for uploading into HFM

MerlinXL Wizard Suite is compatible with Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 and with all supported releases of HFM from HFM to

Report Wizard

Enhance the reporting and analysis functionality of Oracle HFM

  • Formula-free data retrieval
    • Simplifies analysis
    • Extends report distribution
  • Multidirectional data drill
    • Formatting retained
    • Expands rows and columns across all dimensions
    • Quick and simple ad hoc report creation
  • Report Library
    • Structured templates and reports
    • Centralised repository of reports
    • Improves report security
  • Inter-Company Reporting
    • Enhances ICP mismatch reporting
    • Workflow and Pivot Table formats
    • Improved mismatch analysis
    • Automated report distribution
  • Journal Reports
    • Analyse journals for any Point of View
    • Drill down to view journals impacting any cell on a report
  • HFM Cell Text
    • Display HFM cell text in and Excel pop-up
    • Display HFM cell text in and Excel text box
    • Submit and display format HFM cell text
  • Process Management status reports
  • Enhance SmartView
    • Bi-directional SmartView report conversion
    • Drill down on SmartView formulae
    • Simple SmartView formulae creation

Journal Wizard

Speed up and simplify the journal process

  • Create Modify and upload journals from Excel
  • Export/import HFM journals into Excel
  • Copy/Process Management
  • Sequential journal numbering
  • Verify journals before submitting
  • Validate the impact of the journal before posting
  • View translated values before posting

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Intercompany Wizard

Significantly improve intercompany matching and analysis.

  • Run intercompany reports in Excel
  • User-friendly, customisable reports
  • Sort and filter intercompany data
  • Analyse intercompany data in a pivot table
  • Drill-down on account balances

Enhance Smart View Functionality

Use MerlinXL functionality on existing Smart View reports

  • Drill-down on SmartView formula
  • Change the worksheet Point Of View using the Ribbon
  • Automatically build the SmartView formula