Accelatis Ascension Suite  

Performance Monitoring and Systems Optimisation


Ascension Suite will improve performance while decreasing TCO on your Hyperion deployment. Developed with the knowledge of Hyperion Products at the code level, Ascension is your “Hyperion Expert in a Box”.

Accelatis Ascension Suite is a Performance Monitoring and Infrastructure Management toolset built specifically to address the unique challenges of your Oracle EPM environment.

Ascension Suite works across the Oracle EPM applications: Financial Management (HFM), Planning and Essbase; and associated products such as SmartView, Shared Services, Reports and Financial Data Quality Management.

Ascension Suite helps monitor, manage and report at all levels of the Oracle EPM environment, from IT/Infrastructure through Application

Administration to solving problems that face the CFO.

Ascension Suite will improve performance while decreasing TCO on your Oracle EPM deployment.


Ascension Suite Value Pyramid

Ascension Suite Value Pyramid

Functional Overview

Application Performance Monitoring

Server Monitoring

  • Track all system components that affect stability and performance of a Hyperion deployment.
  • Monitor KPIs, Component Health, User Response Times, Logs, Network Performance, Data and Configurations.

Real-Time Alerting

  • Catch problems before they happen to achieve High Availability and improved Quality of Service.
  • Improve fault tolerance with automatic problem remediation.


  • Report on user activity and document usage statistics.
  • Create benchmark reports between two environments to help manage hardware and software migrations.

Real-Time Analysis

  • View User Activity, Log Events and KPI graphs in real-time on one screen.

Infrastructure Management and Automation

Environment Manager

  • Get quick insight into every server in the deployment and leverage tools and guidance to change product settings.
  • Report on servers with sub-optimal tuning settings and environments with out-of-sync servers.

Enterprise Automation

  • Automate tasks from any product including those outside of Hyperion.
  • Chain tasks together to form flows that can run across servers in sequence.

Activity Analysis

  • Quickly retrieve activity and system logs and interact with the data in a variety of graphical and tabular formats.

Performance Optimization

  • Identify bottlenecks that are robbing your deployment of performance.
  • Access automated HFM Rules Profiling, Sub Cube Analysis and Zero Data Analysis at the click of a button.

Change Audit Reporting

  • Automatically detect, record and report on any SOX-related activity.
  • Generate reports from any point-in-time to any other point-in-time.
  • Optionally allows client to add commentary to each change and associate internal Change Reference numbers to be included in the report.

Load Testing and Simulations

  • Performance testing software specifically designed for Oracle EPM, simplifying the testing and reducing testing costs.
  • Identify performance issues before adding users/entities.
  • Leverages historical data and user interface from other Accelatis Ascension Suite modules.

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