Balancing Business and Systems

AMOSCA are a well-established Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy providing tailored financial and business solutions worldwide.


With a unique blend of technical knowledge and a detailed understanding of accounting principles, the AMOSCA team work together to deliver a solution that accurately responds to your needs.


Specialists in developing Oracle Hyperion solutions, with a practical understanding of the software and its functionality - AMOSCA deliver outstanding results.


A robust solution is one that is adequately supported.

From ad hoc support to a customised helpdesk facility, AMOSCA delivers continuous performance and complete peace of mind.

Sustainability Reporting

Need to provide actionable information to plan, forecast, analyze & report Green initiatives to your Enterprise stakeholders?

AMOSCA has just the solution.



AMOSCA are an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy providing financial and management reporting solutions to businesses Worldwide.

Specialising in the provision of Oracle Hyperion solutions, AMOSCA are invited members of the Oracle EPM Advisory Boards.

AMOSCA has built an impressive reputation for service excellence and outstanding results, working in close partnership with its customers.

Recent changes in CRD IV reporting requirements

A number of changes have recently been announced regarding CRD IV reporting requirements, including:

  • Postponement by the EBA of the remittance dates for the first set of supervisory reports
  • Publication by the EBA of a list of validation rules to be “de-activated”
  • The communication via GABRIEL of reporting obligations for small financial services firms.

For details of these and other changes, please visit

Report Authority is AMOSCA’s XBRL document authoring tool which contains dedicated data point modelling functionality to produce submissions under the CRD IV Directive.
Report Authority helps companies large and small comply with the many requirements and procedures of this European-wide directive.


AMOSCA Support Centre (ASC) hours for the Easter Weekend

The AMOSCA Support Centre (ASC) hours for the upcoming Easter Weekend will be:


Thursday 17 April - Open

Friday 18 April - Closed

Monday 21 April – Closed

Tuesday 22 April – Open


Calls can still be logged on any day and will be picked up by the team on Tuesday 22 April.