No AMOSCA staff have yet been infected or are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

All current projects and services remain deliverable.

AMOSCA is regularly monitoring the advice given by the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England and published on the official Government website.

AMOSCA has taken all appropriate steps in order to safeguard all parties involved in the services provided by AMOSCA, both remotely and on-site.

  • AMOSCA offices are now closed and all AMOSCA staff are now working remotely with no travel currently permitted.
  • We have made sure that we can operate our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to service levels.
  • All AMOSCA staff are available by phone or online so there should be no change in your interactions with them.
  • All face-to-face meetings have now been changed to online ones using either AMOSCA or client collaboration tools.
  • We have reviewed all upcoming events and these have been switched to a virtual format or postponed or cancelled.
  • We will continue to work with each client individually to ensure continuity of service.
  • Where appropriate, AMOSCA will comply with client emergency processes and procedures.

Considering the increased risk level at present, all AMOSCA clients and staff are requested to keep us advised of any outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus that might affect the services being provided by AMOSCA.

We can be contacted via or +44 208 659 5777.

AMOSCA will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed via an appropriate combination of announcements on, status headlines in email signatures, mailers and direct communication.

We hope that you all remain in good health during these uncertain times.