Report Authority  

XBRL Accounts production


Report Authority is an XBRL report authoring tool, designed for the production of any type of regulatory report for submission to authorities across the globe.

Report Authority can help transform the statutory accounts production process and eliminate the often negative impact that XBRL reporting can bring.

Designed to be used by accountants

The workflow within Report Authority is designed around the needs of an effective accounts production process rather than the obscure XBRL instance document generation concepts which accountants find so foreign.

Addressing key aspects such as report creation, automation, replication, reuse, and maintenance, Report Authority brings together document content, data sources and XBRL tags in an easy to use interface designed with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Word.

Transform the accounts production process

Within Report Authority, content creation, XBRL tagging and data automation are merged into a single unified process.
By using the taxonomy to create fully-tagged report content, configuring the data adaptors to automate the disclosures and saving templates to be the basis for the entire group’s statutory accounts, Report Authority makes XBRL report authoring more efficient and effective than ever before.

Submission acceptance assured

Report Authority is packaged not only with the taxonomies required by an authority, but also the business logic being enforced at each authority’s submission gateway. Accounts preparers are therefore able to sign off on the completeness and accuracy of tagging without using 3rd party validators or risking a rejection of the submission.

Report Authority will grow with you as your regulatory reporting requirements change over time, with additional authorities and data adaptors added according to demand.


  • Report Authority contains word processing features and functionality similar to Microsoft Word for instant familiarity and flexibility expected by accountants.
  • Report Authority expands on this typical word processing functionality by providing the user with the tools needed to quickly and easily create presentable, consistently formatted and dynamically headered Financial tables and disclosure notes.
  • Report Authority speeds up the authoring of accounts by using the taxonomy to create fully-tagged content, a significant time saving and quality improvement compared to the process of first creating the content and then tagging to the taxonomy.


  • Report Authority facilitates connections to multiple data sources, maintained though an easy to use interface.
  • Report Authority automates the production of reports by using flexible and expandable data adaptors to external sources such as Excel and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM).


  • Report Authority contains not only the taxonomies but also the business logic being enforced at the respective authority’s submission gateway. Reports can be validated in advance of generating XBRL/iXBRL instance documents to prevent rejection of submissions.
  • Report Authority produces comprehensive and presentable review reports incorporating not only all the information required to sign off on the completeness and accuracy of tagging, but also highlighting the risk areas where mistakes are common.


  • • Report Authority uses templates to facilitate the creation of multiple sets of similar accounts. By simply change the entity and reporting date in a document, Report Authority’s data adaptors will return the appropriate information.


  • Report Authority can roll forward document content, table headers, data adaptors and XBRL tags in a single unified process with a click of the button.


  • Reports retain links to their originating templates. To update reports due to changes in reporting requirements, data sources or to correct errors, simply update the template and have that change cascaded to the population of reports from which they were based.


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